Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: “This Means War” is apparently execrable. Of the limited releases, “Michael” intrigues me most. Television: It’s a Whitney weekend: a “20/20” special and NAACP awards tribute on Friday. “Downton Abbey” wraps its second season on Sunday. Music: Katy Perry’s new single, “Part of Me,” is unavoidable right now. Break the Adele/Whitney dominance on the pop-charts. Buy some chamber music! Books: I think my resolution never to read a “Hunger Games” book is crumbling. Meantime, I’m re-reading Proust. Really! Sports: Yes, there are pro teams in New York that don’t have Jeremy Lin. And some of them are in first place! Finally: It’s the (long) Mardi Gras/Carnival weekend. Party hard: Lent is almost here.

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  1. I agree. “This Means War” looks awful.

  2. I will go see any movie with Chris Pine.

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