Even Madonna Is Singing Along To Whitney

Which is pretty gracious, when you consider that the powerful one-two punch of Adele‘s Grammy wins and Whitney’s death pretty much knocked Miss Madonna’s new single off the charts. Don’t cry for Missy: her concerts are selling out big time. Video of Madonna singing Whitney here.

4 Comments to “Even Madonna Is Singing Along To Whitney”

  1. God, I am so sick of these two!

  2. Madonna’s single wasn’t just knocked to the curb because of Adele’ Grammys and Whitney’s drowning. It’s because the song isn’t very good.

  3. If Madonna likes Whitney so much, why did she never do a duet with her? Mariah did a duet with Whit. Is Madonna too jealous of her throne?

  4. I doubt we’ll be hearing Madonna sing that Whitney song on her tour.

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