Does Going Nude Help You Win An Oscar?

There’s a myth out there: going nude in a movie will help you win the Oscar for Best Actress. (Kate Winslet, at left in “The Reader,” is only the most recent example.) This article investigates the myth. Read it yourself to find out the truth of the myth. Fun fact: of this year’s 5 nominees for Best Actress, only one, Viola Davis, has never taken it all off in a film. Since she is the slight frontrunner, is this a victory for modesty and good Christian morals?

4 Comments to “Does Going Nude Help You Win An Oscar?”

  1. Bravo to Viola Davis for being a good Christian woman!

  2. Kate Winslet should not have won Best Actress for “The Reader” but for “Revolutionary Road” instead.

  3. Thank god. I don’t want to see Viola Davis naked.

  4. I want to see Meryl Streep naked even less!

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