Bigelow’s Bin Laden Movie To Film In India

Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar-winning director of The Hurt Locker, is to recreate the Pakistan Army garrison town Abbottabad in India for her new film on the US Navy Seals who tracked and killed Osama bin Laden. Her eagerly-awaited film, which is understood to be titled “Zero Dark Thirty,” is due for release in December this year, tells the story of the US Navy Seal team which trailed the notorious al-Qaeda leader before finally killing him, his aides and one of his sons in a night raid on his secret compound (pictured) in the heart of a Pakistan army establishment town. The producers decided in the current security climate it would be impossible for them to film in Pakistan and looked for alternative locations. It is in India, in Punjab state in Chandigarh and Patiala, and possibly close to Jaipur in Rajasthan, where the movie will recreate Abbottabad where bin Laden, his wives, children, and aides hid for more than six years.

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