Here’s What Meryl Is Saying In This Photo

“Oh, dear. Viola’s name is already engraved here. Will they agree to remove it?”
LemonWade’s Oscar obsessive Rex Okpodu offered that caption plus a few final thoughts on the Oscars, after the jump.
So what did we learn from this year’s Oscars?

1) SAG winners rule but a ferocious campaign (by Harvey Weinstein) can override even SAG which makes him the true King of Hollywood – I kid not!

2) The old rule was that the Best Editing award will come from a best picture nominee. But within the past 5 years, it has come from Bourne Identity (2007) and now, Dragon Tattoo (2011). Does this mean Tattoo was intended to be no. 10 nom for Best Pic this year or does the editing default rule no longer hold?

3) A non-white Best Actress is a very big bridge to overcome. I am sure Viola will win in the near future but it will probably be for a supporting turn unless someone feels her heat and produces and/or directs the Broadway play, Fences, for which Viola won a Tony. BTW, that’s one department in which Vi tops Meryl: Meryl has no Tony.

4) Meryl now has Oscar no. 3 but with the buyers’ regret already setting in, she will NOT win no 4 for “August: Osage County” unless the film makes $200 million, is directed by the king of Hollywood himself, and the character becomes a holocaust lesbian serial killer who dies a horrific death onscreen.

5) The broadcast was ok, as dignified as an Oscar show should be – with 37 million viewing figure in the U.S. approximated. The Academy should count themselves lucky, stick to their base and know that future telecasts will hover between 30 and 35 million – not bad for a show devoid of actual performances, based on film clips and presenters’ attempts at not-so-funny banter !

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