Florence Halts Adele’s Winning Streak

Adele sometimes projects that she’s the invincible award winner of all things pop right now. (Some demento even did a hilarious spoof of this attitude in a bitchfest between her and Beyonce.) But Miss A.’s run of award-winning success has finally been brought to an end after Florence + The Machine triumphed with a double win last night at the NME awards. Florence Welch, 25, who followed Adele into the American charts, defeated the 20-million-selling soul singer to take the Best Solo Artist award. And Florence + The Machine won Best Track for “Shake It Out,” a typically epic anthem from her “Ceremonials” album. Go, Florence!

5 Comments to “Florence Halts Adele’s Winning Streak”

  1. I don’t think Adele is quite so smug as you suggest.

  2. Adele is my hero! A beacon of hope for fat girls everywhere!

  3. Florence may have won last night, but she’ll never out-sell Adele.

  4. The video you linked to with the bitchfight between Adele and Beyonce is hilarious. Now that Beyonce is a mother, can she still crank out the hits? Madonna’s biggest selling work happened BEFORE she became a mommy.

  5. I don’t know why the media pits these divas against each other all the time. They are all wonderful in their way.

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