Brandy And Monica Reunited: New Video

Perhaps, when you first heard about the possibility of a Brandy and Monica reunion, says Vulture, you had hopes for something grander than “It All Belongs to Me,” the “Irreplaceable”-lite duet now popularly known as “The Macbook Song.” The video for “It All Belongs to Me” isn’t exactly a barn-burner, either, and one suspects that much of the budget was blown on the Macbook in question. (Related: don’t slam that cover so hard! MacBooks are expensive.) The ending is also legitimately confusing: whose car they blowing up? Don’t all the cars belong to Brandy and Monica, as stated very clearly in the title? Why would they want to blow up their own fancy car? Anyway, if you have any insights, please share; otherwise, here are Brandy and Monica, together again. That part is nice, at least.

6 Comments to “Brandy And Monica Reunited: New Video”

  1. Was the world REALLY waiting with bated breath for this reunion?

  2. Looking at this lame video, I’d say that Brandy is still haunted with negative karma from that car accident.

  3. Wish that Monica wasn’t always overshadowed by Brandy.

  4. More importantly… WHO LET BRANDY DRIVE AGAIN?!? lol

  5. Monica has way more talent than Brandy. What’s Brandy done in the past, oh, ten years?

  6. I’ve always dreamed of a sequel to “Cinderella.” Guess that won’t happen now!

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