Madonna’s New Album: A Detailed Review

Here’s critic Neil McCormick’s track-by-track breakdown of Madonna’s new album, “MDNA,” a March 26 American release. As much as I appreciate McCormick’s article, I’m not sure I trust his information. He can’t even get Madonna’s age correct. She’s 53, not 54. Make all the age jokes you want, but Madge still gets her ass out there on stage. Even when she looks Egyptically camp.

7 Comments to “Madonna’s New Album: A Detailed Review”

  1. Madonna is more and more looking like Cher. Not necessarily a good thing.

  2. You’re right: all of her haters should work so hard at age 53!

  3. I’m looking forward to the album, even though the first two singles are pretty thin.

  4. Will Madonna still be getting dressed like this when she’s 70? Probably!

  5. She’s long past the days when her singles could compete with the younger divas. But I still like her.

  6. She hasn’t done anything good since “Evita.” And even then she wasn’t as good as Patti LuPone.

  7. Why doesn’t she just settle down with her boy toy (apparently, he’s proposed) and leave the music to the younger kids?

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