Kidman Returning To B’way In Rattigan?

Today’s main-stem rumor is that Nicole Kidman is returning to Broadway in a National Theatre/London production of Terrence Rattigan’s “After the Dance.” Of course, Kidman’s presence would ensure ticket sales, but Rattigan plays don’t exactly prove to be pure theatrical Viagra in New York. I’m not sure why Kidman would want to do Rattigan instead of something more salivating — like that production of Tennessee Williams’ “Sweet Bird of Youth” that she was supposed to be undertaking a while back. That’s something that even I would shell out money for.

3 Comments to “Kidman Returning To B’way In Rattigan?”

  1. I would see Nicole Kidman in anything.

  2. I’m so glad you posted a video from Moulin Rouge, my favorite movie musical of all time!

  3. I agree: why is Nicole considering doing such a marginal play?

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