Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: “John Carter,” the Disney mega-budget movie that will never earn back its cost, goes up against “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax,” which I won’t pay to see in spite my friends’ urging. For the art-house crowd, there’s “Friends with Kids.” Television: There’s HBO’s Palin-heavy “Game Change” for the liberals and Oprah’s interview with Bobbi Kristina for the diva-obsessed. Music: Bruce Springsteen’s new CD, “Wrecking Ball,” demands your attention. Does the success of the single “Glad You Came,” by The Wanted, signal the return of the boy band? Not like in the 1990s. Books: “Revelations,” Elaine Pagels’ volume on the Book of Revelation, warrants a mention. Meanwhile, have you finished “Hunger Games” yet? Only two weeks until the movie. Sports: Sunday brings the fixing of brackets for March Madness. Syracuse, anyone? Finally: If you spent as much time every day working to make money as you do posting silly comments on Facebook, you’d be richer than Bill Gates.

4 Comments to “Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends”

  1. Can you please stop talking about Hunger Games?

  2. I’m looking forward to that Oprah interview.

  3. John Carter looks like a dog.

  4. Sassy!

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