How To Lose Weight Drunk

Huff Post says: A few weeks ago we got a copy of a book called The Drunk Diet [St. Martin’s Press] in the mail. It’s a memoir by Lüc Carl, Lady Gaga’s ex-beau, a former Lower East Side bartender with 80s hair to match his 80s hair metal mentality. The cover is enticing if not for all of its glam and purple glitter, then for its tagline: “How I Lost 40 Pounds… Wasted.”

So we did what any rational literary journalists would do and met up with Lüc to get drunk and discuss dieting, marathon training and Brett Michaels.

As we waited for him to arrive at St. Jerome’s, the bar that Lüc used to own and bartend at, we took in our surroundings. It’s the quintessential metal head dive bar, complete with a disco ball, smoke machine and guys in leather motorcycle jackets and tight black jeans.

When Lüc strolled in, he apologized for both his tardiness and the state of his hair, but let us know that we shouldn’t fret – he had plenty of hairspray in his bag.

“Turn that music up so I can flirt with these girls,” he told the man behind the bar before requesting a “Happy Meal,” a shot of whiskey and a beer. We stuck with a gin and tonic and a vodka soda (“nail polish remover,” quipped the bartender).

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