Whatever Happened To Justin Timberlake?

I’m not talking about his acting career: in the past six years, he has starred in nine movies, where he has made an occasional impression. I’m talking about his work as a musical performer, where, unlike in Hollywood, he’s been top of the heap. In fact, his two solo CDs — “Justified” (2002) and “FutureSex/LoveSounds” (2006) — were so commercially successful and so enormously enjoyable that the fact that it’s been six years since the last one seems all the more puzzling. Beyonce, who emerged at around the same time as Timberlake and who has also found time to star in several movies, has turned out two solo albums since Timberlake’s last solo effort, plus managed to become a parent. It’s not as if Timberlake decided to retire from music: he has dueted with myriad other pop stars in the past five years. But it’s not quite the same as coming up with your own CD. Timberlake’s musical absence is made more acute when we consider that in the past five years, no young white North American male has come along to fill his void in the non-hip-hop pop firmament. And, sorry, I don’t count The Other Justin, who is of course hugely successful. I’m talking about someone who makes music not just for kids but for adults. Is it time to start a Facebook campaign urging Timberlake to get back into the studio? [hat tip: Brooks Rowlett]

5 Comments to “Whatever Happened To Justin Timberlake?”

  1. I agree. Instead of making all those mediocre movies and doing duets with every diva who asked, he should have been making his own music.

  2. Justin is my favorite male pop star. He should sing, not act!

  3. He’s over 30, which in pop-music terms means he’s over the hill. Stick to movies, Justin!

  4. Why doesn’t he reunite with Britney and make an album entirely of duets?

  5. With all the interesting stuff in the world today, this is what you choose as your lead story?

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