Are These The 10 Best Madge Moments?

Most of the tracks have been “leaked,” and in a week Madonna’s new CD, “MDNA,” will officially be released. So The Guardian takes the occasion to select the 10 Best Madonna moments. The 1995 awkwardness with Courtney Love is pretty great, but the omission of Madge’s 1990 Marie Antoinette (left) is inexcusable.

6 Comments to “Are These The 10 Best Madge Moments?”

  1. Why are there no movies except Evita on this list? What about “Swept Away”? A masterpiece of muck!

  2. What about the fishy “Cherish” video?

  3. “Shanghai Surprise” is an overlooked masterpiece. I don’t understand why it isn’t on the list.

  4. I’m kinda partial to the “Breathless” thing from “Dick Tracy.”

  5. Why isn’t there anything from “Truth or Dare”? And I wish she’d done a video with Vanilla Ice, who was her boyfriend for eight months. Can you believe that Vanilla Ice was her boyfriend for eight months. Desperate!

  6. I love the song “This Used to be my playground.”

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