Jimmy Fallon Revives Tebowie

It’s official: Tim Tebow is having a bad week. The 24-year-old quarterback, who became a pop culture phenom for his comeback wins and devout Christian faith this past winter, saw his job as Denver Broncos play caller taken by future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who announced his intention to sign with the team on Monday. And as Tebow’s playing future floated in the air like a Mile High City pass, his most famous parodier returned with a new song about his plight. Jimmy Fallon, who first introduced the David Bowie-Tebow hybrid Tebowie in January, sang an altered rendition of “Space Oddity” on his show Tuesday, putting to song the events of the past few days.

6 Comments to “Jimmy Fallon Revives Tebowie”

  1. Tim Tebow should marry that Diana girl from “Glee” or Taylor Swift and retire from football.

  2. All the people who hate Tim Tebow can go to hell! That’s what good Christians wish for you!

  3. Jimmy Fallon and Tim Tebow should tour together.

  4. Tim Tebow is a gifted quarterback but he’s also erratic. Jimmy Fallon is a gifted comedian but also erratic. This video proves it.

  5. Jimmy Fallon is just jealous of Tebow.

  6. Does David Bowie get royalties from this parody?

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