Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: You really didn’t think I was going to utter another word about “The Hunger Games,” did you? If you get shut out of that epic flick, consider the action movie “The Raid: Redemption.” It’s gotten some decent reviews. Television: The hype for “Mad Men” has been deafening. I’m not a huge fan, though that may be my deficiency not the show’s. I was put off, however, by this season’s ad campaign: “Adultery’s back.” I’m pretty sure it never went away. Music: Madonna’s new CD, “MDNA,” officially comes out Monday, but most of my Madge-y friends have been dissecting the leaked version for days. Am happy to see Esperanza Spalding’s CD selling so well. Books: Geoff Dyer’s “Zona,” about Tarkovsky’s movie “Stalker,” is like most of Dyer’s work: brilliantly like nobody else’s. Sports: As my favorite sports columnist, Jason Gay, puts it: “There is only one certainty to filling out a March Madness bracket, and it is this: You will lose to someone who has never watched an NCAA basketball game in his or her life.” Finally: Glad to see Occupy Wall Street is back. How long this round?

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