“Downton Arby’s”: A Fast-Food Parody

Huff Post observes: ‘”Downton Arby’s” could easily have been a one-joke sketch, but this thing is funny, everyone. [Click here to watch.] Using an Arby’s franchise as a backdrop for the pomp of “Downton Abbey” is done with a uniquely clever and unwavering tone, and the terrific cast makes us truly believe that all of the Dowager Countess’ problems could probably be solved with fries.’ (Almost anything bad in life can be solved with fries.) ‘The fast food staff, starring a tuxedoed Matt Walsh, Richard Kind, Erin Gibson and Jennie Pierson, among others, takes on the stiffness of the British import — with the hierarchy of running a burger joint mirroring the house-vs.-staff dynamic at play on the PBS hit. Except instead of romantic whispers with chamber maids taking place in the annals of a mansion, they take place at a deep fryer.’

4 Comments to ““Downton Arby’s”: A Fast-Food Parody”

  1. Isn’t “Downton Abbey” its own best parody?

  2. I love Downton Abbey and I love Arby’s. Unfortunately, there are very few Arby’s in New York City, where I live.

  3. I don’t know why they tried to have a Dowager. No one can match Maggie Smith.

  4. They should have done this parody in McDonald’s. More possibilities for fun with the food.

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