Is Madonna’s Career On The Downswing?

Neil McCormick, noticing that her new CD, “MDNA,” has spawned no smash single, thinks so. He says: ‘It might seem a peculiar moment to call time on Madonna, with her new album number one in the midweek charts (which will see her break the solo record set by Elvis Presley), and her world tour rapidly selling out. But I can’t shake the feeling we are witnessing the last stand of the Material Woman. For all the sleek modernity, contemporary electro groove styling and sharp, alluring marketing of her new offerings, there is something awry about Madonna’s latest incarnation…The latest unseemly Twitter row with a DJ in a mouse helmet about alleged drug references exposes fault-lines in Madonna’s attempts to stay in with the in-crowd.’ May I, Brendan Lemon, point out that with every new release, Madonna is called old and tired and trying too hard to stay relevant. Her critics have a point, and yet I certainly don’t want Madge to pull a Rod Stewart and release nothing but CDs of old standards. Do you?

5 Comments to “Is Madonna’s Career On The Downswing?”

  1. I’d love to know if all the Madonna haters look as good as she does. She looks better in her 50s than a lot of her haters look in their 20s!

  2. I’ve really tried to like the new CD, but I haven’t been able to get through it more than once.

  3. Adele does a CD devoted to her break-up and I can’t stop listening. Madonna does a CD devoted to her break-up and I can’t shut it off soon enough.

  4. Madonna is, as they say in the music biz, “a mature act.” She should stop trying to present herself as “a young act.”

  5. I look forward to the day when there is no more Madonna to kick around. I’m in my 20s, so that would seem a likely prospect. But she’ll probably be getting weird injections to stay youthful and releasing albums way into her 90s!

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