“Game Of Thrones”: “Power Is Power”

In spite of the fact that my Time Warner cable connection totally screwed up and robbed me of the opportunity to watch the return of “Game of Thrones” season 2 premiere in HD, I must say that I levitated quite a few times with the new episode. “Power Is Power” was of course the best line, and the boy king Joffrey is the character people most like to hate. (Although his threat to his mother, who uttered the “power” line, was a pretty great comeuppance.) I was watching with a friend, and I remarked to him at around the 47-minute mark that the episode was bereft of sex and murder. Then: bam! Filth returned! If Time Warner Cable, however, doesn’t fix my HD problem by next Sunday, my rage will make the Occupy Wall Street people look like schoolkids.

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