Why Television Has Surpassed The Movies

In the new Vanity Fair, James Wolcott nails why television (“Game of Thrones,” “Weeds,” “Revenge,” “Mad Men”) is so much superior to most of what’s coming out at the multiplex. (Pictured: Jim Parsons, of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory,” paying homage to “The Graduate.”) And Wolcott had me at his first paragraph, describing perfectly why an afternoon at the movies can make you want to murder someone. He says the cinema is “too often tattered by the cell-phone compulsives texting and checking their messages, whatever spell the filmmakers attempted to cast spoiled by these mousy little screens flashing their gray pallor.” Also: “The unholy moviegoing experience cries out for human-pest control.” Amen to that.

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  1. Television allows women of all ages to have strong leading characters. Hollywood movies do not.

  2. Jim Parsons is the funniest guy on TV. Why doesn’t he star in a remake of The Graduate for real?

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