1 Million Dump Cable For Netflix, Hulu

Tempted to cut the cord? You’re not alone: Even with overall TV viewership on the rise, about 1 million cable or satellite subscribers dumped their service last year. According to research by the Convergence Consulting Group, about 2.7 million U.S. TV subscribers unsubscribed from their traditional service to rely solely on over-the-air signals, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and other online outlets over the past three years. About 1 million of those viewers cut the cord in 2011. The research forecasts another 900,000 will defect this year. If I join their ranks, it won’t be because I want to: I like the option of watching my favorite programs the night of broadcast. No, if I cut the cord it will be that I loathe Time Warner Cable, my provider. They have the monopoly in my apartment building. Don’t you love our “free-market” system?

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