A Completely Brilliant Idea For A Play!

Oh, if only she had called it the “The Time Warner Play” I could have given her so much material. No matter. Lisa Kron‘s “The Veri**zon Play,” premiering at the Humana Festival in Louisville, deals with the agony of computerized customer service. “The Veri**on Play” alludes, in its title, to Kron’s issues with a major telecommunications company. Kron says she got the idea for the play while on the phone with a particularly unhelpful customer service rep. “And I found myself screaming at this person, ‘I’m going to write a play about this,’ ” she says. “And there was a little bit of a beat, and what I perceived the person at the other end of the phone doing was shrugging and saying, ‘Go ahead, knock yourself out.'” That rep may rue the day s/he made that comment.

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