Deadmau5 Makes More Than Madonna

Now I understand even better why Madonna felt she had to answer the recent criticism of the dj Deadmau5 over her use of the word “Molly” at a recent electronic music festival. Deadmau5 is the leader on the electro festival circuit, which, according to today’s New York Times, is the new rock ‘n’ roll for the 15-to-25 demographic. And at some festival appearances Deadmau5 makes more than Madonna does for a concert: sometimes, as much as $1 million. I think she’s probably got a little bit more in the bank, though.

2 Comments to “Deadmau5 Makes More Than Madonna”

  1. Deadmau5 is not fit to carry Madonna’s shoes.

  2. Madonna is a tired old bitch. Deadmau5 represents the future. He SHOULD make more than she does.

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