Will “Smash” End Up On Broadway?

That’s the speculation in this L.A. Times piece. By the end of the first season of “Smash,” there will be at least 15 original songs written for the fictional musical around which much of the series’ action revolves. In the TV show, the fake musical is called “Bombshell.” But does that mean it’s Broadway-bound? “Since our creative team has been writing songs and snippets of ‘Bombshell’ scenes only to tell the stories of our characters in ‘Smash,’ there is no fully realized ‘Bombshell,'” NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said yesterday. But never say never. Just think of the possibilities: the scripted “Smash” could incorporate elements of a real-life reality-show “Smash,” in which the winning contestants would appear in the real-life Broadway “Smash.” This would be beyond meta.

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