New Madonna Album Is Tanking

On its first week out, “MDNA” sold an entirely respectable 359,000 copies and earned Madonna her eighth career No. 1 album. But things are apparently not so rosy for week two — as in, MDNA may suffer the biggest second-week-sales drop-off in history. Early projections put the album at 46,000 for week two; some sources suggest that MDNA’s big first-week numbers were thanks to a concert promotion that included CDs along with ticket sales. And in case you were concerned that maybe some computer glitch scrambled all the numbers, Adele is still projected to sell 100K-plus this week — a year after that CD arrived. Breakups > drugs, apparently.

3 Comments to “New Madonna Album Is Tanking”

  1. Madonna is a great artist, but she just can’t compete on the pop charts with girls half her age.

  2. I don’t care about Madonna’s new music. I just want to see her on tour.

  3. MDNA is a terrific album! I’ve been listening to it nonstop ever since it came out.

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