Joss Whedon Is A Big Old Girly Grouch

Joss Whedon ‘does not consider himself an assertive person. “I’m not fierce,” he said. “I’m grouchy as hell.” But one subject that evokes the passion he has self-diagnosed as crabbiness is the decadent state of contemporary Hollywood entertainment. As he recently recited a list of familiar if keenly felt criticisms about his industry, Mr. Whedon, a creator of fantasy television series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” said: “Nobody’s interested in making a living. They only want to make a fortune. Where are the prestige pics? Where are the ’70s, where are people taking chances?”’ Of course, Whedon is making these comments while promoting a big Hollywood blockbuster, “The Avengers.” When pressed on that irony, he replies, “That doesn’t make me a hypocrite. It just gives me layers.” Love it!

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