Rihanna Is So Jealous Of Gwyneth’s Body

I keep reading that headline over and over and pray that it’s a hallucination. But no, here’s the interview in black and white: “I’m obsessed with Gwyneth. Honestly, what is it not? It makes me so jealous all the time … her body … I’m really jealous of her, I don’t even know why I like her.” Rihanna, get a grip: you got a better booty and better boobs than Gwynnie. And you’re one of the most popular singers in the world right now; when was Gwynnie last starring in a worldwide smash, let alone a great artsy film? What Rihanna really envies is Gwynnie’s husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, with whom she recently collaborated. That makes more sense, especially since Ri-Ri doesn’t have a good man like Chris. But wanting Gwynnie’s body? Bitch, please!

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