J-Lo’s Tour: What Will The Boyfriend Do?

The J-Lo I love best is not the J-Lo who storms the stage on “American Idol” (what a stupid stunt!) or the one who gets married every five minutes (this is 2012, honey: you don’t have to) or even the one who tries to put out a pop album once in a while. The J-Lo I’m nuts about is the pudgy J-Lo fly girl on “In Living Color” and the J-Lo who once upon a time, in the 1998 flick “Out of Sight,” showed that she could act. Almost all those things have been squandered now: J-Lo is a fembot celebrity. Then why am I interested that she’s about to announce a world tour? Because I want to see how long her latest boy toy, Casper Smart, pictured on the beach with Lopez’s twins, lasts backstage? What’s he going to do the whole time: play video games? (Probably.) Apparently, J-Lo is paying him a big monthly allowance (I’ve heard it’s around $100,000) to be her escort. So maybe he’ll stay. It’s not as if he’s going to get a better deal anywhere else.

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