Simon Cowell Has Colonic Irrigation

Evil “American Idol” guru Simon Cowell is under fire from a no-holds barred unofficial biography currently being serialized in The Sun tabloid newspaper in Britain. The tabloid is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., whose Fox network is the home of the U.S. version of the X Factor. (So much for being shielded by Daddy Rupert.) According to reports, picked up by media outlets across the U.K., Cowell enjoys twice-yearly Botox, regular colonic irrigation and intravenous vitamin injections to keep him looking young. The only shocking thing about any of this is that anyone could find it shocking.

Penned by Tom Bower, “Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell” also set British water cooler talk alight with intimacies such as Cowell’s preference for black toilet rolls in his bathroom and the fact that he has a feature in his garden that makes him look as though he can walk on water.

Cowell took to Twitter to point out that this was not an official biography, although he did not deny he had taken part in the book’s preparation.

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