Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: If your date insists, go to “The Lucky One“: Zac Efron crying up a storm. Otherwise: “Marley” for sure yaah man. Television: There’s a new episode of “Fringe” on Friday: savor the show while you can; it may be axed. Also Friday: Italian chef Lidia has branched into weddings. On Sunday, the “Veep” premiere demands attention. And don’t miss the World War I drama “Birdsong” on PBS. Music: The new one from Norah Jones is selling well, in advance of its May 1st release. Can’t stop listening to the “Payphone” single from Maroon 5. Books: When I was a kid, Gore Vidal and John Updike topped the best-seller lists. Now it’s crap like E. L. James’ erotica. If you want decently written erotica, try the classic “Story of O.” Sports: I’m starting to get worried about my Rangers in the NHL playoffs. Finally: Can you go a whole day without checking your Facebook account? Thought not.

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