Uncut “1900” To Be Released In Bluray

I saw the five-hour version of Bertolucci‘s “1900” on a rainy day in Paris, and it remains one of the most absorbing moviegoing experiences of my life. The golden tones of the first hour, as two boys, one bourgeois and the other working-class, play in the Italian countryside, sets the pace for what follows: the rise of fascism, war, the Liberation. The pre-stocky Gerard Depardieu and the handsome young Robert DeNiro assume the roles once the boys grow up. The American version of “1900” was an abortion: storylines didn’t make sense, and much of the sensuality was excised. Now, per fortuna, a 315-minute version of “1900” is being released on Bluray on May 15. It may be enough to send me scurrying for a Bluray player.

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