Which Of These Stories Is Nuttier?

In this corner, we have the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, at least according to People. (Don’t you just love the colossal arrogance of an American magazine putting an American on the cover and saying she’s the World‘s Most Beautiful Woman? As if, say, a gorgeous female from Bangladesh or Ghana would have had a chance.) That Woman, Beyonce, says the rumors that her pregnancy was a fake were “just crazy.” Notice she doesn’t go into much detail about the evidence presented. In the other corner, we have this report from Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard claiming that Michael Jackson had a fling with Whitney Houston in the early 1990s. The Lifetime movie version could be titled: Drug Addicts In Love.

3 Comments to “Which Of These Stories Is Nuttier?”

  1. Why do you give space to the Beyonce pregnancy rumors?

  2. Michael and Whitney were perfect for each other. Their spawn would have been the most talented singer (Whitney) and dancer (Michael) of all time.

  3. Instead, we got Michael’s Addams Family kids and Whitney’s Bobbi Brown youngin.

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