Aaron Sorkin Receives A (Rare) Beating

Contrary to received opinion, everything that Aaron Sorkin does is not immediately encased in encomiums by the New York-based elite media. Witness The Sork’s latest project, the HBO series “The Newsroom,” starring Jeff Daniels (pictured) and premiering on Sunday. Emily Nussbaum, the TV critic for The New Yorker, opines: ‘Years after Sorkin’s terrible, fascinating “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” was cancelled, I still occasionally run into someone who insists that Americans were just too stupid to get it. As Dan Rather might put it, that dog won’t hunt. Sorkin’s shows are the type that people who never watch TV are always claiming are better than anything else on TV. The shows’ air of defiant intellectual superiority is rarely backed up by what’s inside—all those Wagnerian rants, fingers poked in chests, palms slammed on desks, and so on. In fact, “The Newsroom” treats the audience as though we were extremely stupid.”

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