Bristol Palin Tries To Pull A Kardashian says: Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol ‘is first and foremost a personality — she would have been called “famous for being famous,” back when that phrase was an insult and not an endorsement. So “Life’s a Tripp” was always an inevitability. But whatever you were expecting from Bristol Palin’s reality show, I can’t imagine that anyone was expecting “Life’s a Tripp” to turn into one of the weirdest — and most uncomfortable — reality shows in recent history. Because the show is not a catchy piece of pop propaganda like “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Nor is it a “My Funny Famous Family” riff on “The Osbournes.” Nor is it a show about the struggles of parenting, like “Teen Mom” or pre-controversy “Jon & Kate Plus Eight.” Instead, the season premiere of Life’s a Tripp saw Bristol Palin trying to go full Kardashian, to pitch herself as a character who is simultaneously approachable and decadent. She failed, quite visibly. Besides Mother and Daughter Palin, almost no one seemed to want to be on screen.’

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