Will Babs Sing “The Normal Heart” Theme?

I almost dropped my Cheerios this morning when I read that Larry Kramer wants Barbra Streisand to sing the theme song to the about-to-film, movie version of Kramer’s AIDS play, “The Normal Heart.” Of course, he’s joking (I think): Kramer tried for years to get Babs to direct the big-screen version, back in the Pleistocene when she owned the rights. The project will now be directed by Ryan “Glee” Murphy. I’m a big fan of Ryan’s TV shows, but given his big-screen track record (“Running with Scissors,” “Eat Pray Love”) I think it’s fair to ask whether a Streisand-directed version wouldn’t have been better. Yeah, she would have beefed up her own part, of the physician, but the fact is that she’s much better casting for that role than is Julia Roberts, who’s now playing her.

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