A Supreme Playlist For The Health Care Ruling

by David Wild
One thing I really love about Twitter is that it brings me closer to all sorts of people from all over the political map. So I asked my closest 15,000 friends at @wildaboutmusic for their own musical rulings about today’s historic decision by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Health Care Law — the Artist Also Known as ObamaCare or, before that, as RomneyCare. Here, then, are some tuneful verdicts from the Twitterverse — as well as some of my own majority opinions. As always, I welcome your own legal and musical views below. Any hey, be healthy out there because I care about you all in a distant, digital kind of way.

COURT AND SPARK — Joni Mitchell
HALLELUJAH — Jeff Buckley @DaDrone
ROUGH JUSTICE — Rolling Stones
FUNKY JUDGE — The J. Geils Band
JUSTICE — Ziggy Marley
JUDGE NOT — Bob Marley

Read the rest of the list here.

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