Anderson Cooper Is Gay: 7 Best Tweets

I feel as if I said everything I had to say about this subject — Anderson Cooper being gay — long long ago. So all I’m going to do here is post a few of my favorite tweets on the subject:
1) It’s a good thing Anderson Cooper came out in a blog post rather than on CNN. Now people will actually see it.
2) Big misunderstanding–Anderson Cooper announced he’s ‘Gray.’
3) So hot that all I can think about is turning on the AC (Anderson Cooper).
4) Coincidence that Anderson Cooper comes out the same week Tom Cruise announces his divorce?
5) The good thing about Anderson Cooper’s “coming out” is how old-fashioned it seems.
6) When you have Gloria Vanderbilt as your mom, it really was never a choice.
7) When we he come out as a bottom?

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