Backstreet Boy Joins A Casserole Club

One of the advantages of having a large family is that at holiday gatherings you learn so much. At my clan’s July 4th party yesterday, I learned oh so many things from the Backstreet Boys from one of my boy-band-besotted nieces. Especially about the group’s Kevin Richardson. For most of the 1990s, Richardson was “the one with the goatee” in the Backstreet Boys, the oldest, and seen as the adult of the group (although considering the rest of the guys were baby-faced, just a hint of facial hair was enough to take care of that). The Backstreet Boys are back together, reuniting for an album and tour in spring 2013 — which will coincide with their 20th anniversary. But Richardson has the silver screen on his mind as well. He’s starring in two upcoming films — the first is a vampire musical called “The Bloody Indulgent” — and the second, “Casserole Club,” is out on DVD this week. The title sounds old-school gay, doesn’t it?

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