When Showbiz Books Rewrite History

Michael Musto takes a new biography of Michael Douglas to task for inflating the New York Times’ review of Douglas’s wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones (pictured), in the recent Broadway revival of Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music.” Musto quotes the review at length and says, ‘”Not exactly ecstatic, right? “So-so” might be a nice way to put it. There are some positives, but calling that a complete rave would be like saying the last jobs report was promising. So how does [that] upcoming biography of Michael Douglas characterize this review? It reports that [Times critics Ben] Brantley “wrote what amounted to a love letter to Catherine.” Huh? If that’s love, then I’ll stay single, thank you. Aren’t you sick of show biz books that rewrite history to make things the way they imagine them to be?’

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