She Spent $70,000 To Look Like Britney

A man who underwent a underwent a sex- change operation to become a woman recently revealed that she also spent over $70,000 to look more like former pop starlet Britney Spears. Kara Nicole Hays was such a slave for Britney Spears that she went under the knife to prove it. Hays spent approximately $70,000 to get the pop star’s look, she confirmed to the News. The 26- year-old estimated that her surgeries cost around $30,000 in 2002– the remainder went toward therapy, hormones, clothing, cosmetics and everything else needed to make the transition. (Remember in that crackling movie “L.A. Confidential” that the women from the escort service were “cut” to look like the 1940s movie stars? Today they’d have to look like Britney and Beyonce.) Hays said that her face is all natural and any resemblance to Spears is a lucky coincidence. Hays, who went by the name Kody while growing up in a staunchly conservative area of Southeastern Ohio, said that Spears’ music brought her solace during tough times. You go, girl!

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