Anderson’s “The Master”: A Sneak Peek

A few lucky souls have seen Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie “The Master,” which may or may not be inspired by Scientology. One of the viewers commented: “I’ll get the (semi) negatives out of the way first. Because everyone will do this, and because it is merited, I will knock out the ‘There Will Be Blood‘ comparisons. Stylistically and tonally they are of a piece. And that, in my eyes, is both a positive and a negative…’Blood’ had such a strong narrative through-line because of the intensely-focused main character, and ‘The Master’ tends to meander. It has a strong sense of theme and is always compelling, but it does seem a little aimless in sections. BUT–and I tend not to say this too much–I think that has much more to do with the plight of the character, who is very much aimless in this film. That out of the way, all of the things you might be excited about live up to expectations AND MORE. It is never less than visually stunning.’

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