Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: How much do you love Meryl? It will have to be a lot to catch her in “Hope Springs.” Jeremy Renner hasn’t gotten Damon-like wows for the new “Bourne” movie, but I want to see it, anyway. Television: I haven’t been paying attention to Sunday night’s most popular shows, “True Blood” and “Breaking Bad,” because I’m so far behind on earlier seasons. I’ll stick with “Political Animals,” which lacks the self-conscious cleverness of “The Newsroom.” Music: Mumford & Sons are racking up big advance sales for their “Babel” CD. Not much time left to bask in summer-festival music: Mozart symphonies and the like. Books: There’s nothing of interest on the best-seller lists, so I’m catching up with Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare. And dipping into the odd Ruth Rendell or two. Sports: With the Olympics nearly done, can fall be far behind? The best baseball story of the summer: Cincinnati. Finally: That Mars rover touchdown was a feelgood throwback to the explorer days of our youth.

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