White-Bread Sandwich With No Meat

James Wolcott pondered Mitt Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan on Saturday and commented: ‘Kneeling before the winsome Paul Ryan and handing him a single red rose that he had picked himself from some stranger’s garden, Mitt Romney asked the congressman from the great state of cheese if he would be his running mate to stand together on the stage of the Republican convention, united in purpose, two slices of Wonder Bread forming a sandwich of no meat, for nothing shall come between them.

‘The right blogosphere is delirious with joy and relief, for Paul Ryan is One of Them, a Tea Partier with a copy of “Atlas Shrugs” under his pillow who practices a rigid form of Catholicism that was all the rage in the 14th century, before the Renaissance got into swing. Ryan doesn’t have the sex appeal of Sarah Palin, unless you get a hard-on for a human pencil, but his nomination is a similar sop to the conservative base, whose ideological purity tests get more and more fanatical with each purge cycle.’

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