R-Pat And Kristen? I Have Zero Interest

I don’t think I have to assert that I love pop culture; this website does it every day. But I do have to confess that there are loads of so-called A-list celebrities out there (their A-list credentials reflected in tabloid-magazine covers) in whom I have absolutely zero interest. Among them at the moment are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, neither of whom has ever uttered a syllable that has evinced an iota of intelligence. I don’t even think they are compellingly attractive. The wonderful thing about having no interest in such creatures is that it frees your brain for so many other things. Just so you don’t think I’m highbrow, I feel exactly the same way about Romney and Ryan: I have no interest in either one and, as with Robert and Kristen, any time one of them flits across my TV or computer screen I reach for the remote.

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