Phyllis Diller Sings “Smile” With Martini

Earlier this year, Phyllis Diller recorded the song “Smile” with pianist Thomas Lauderdale for his band Pink Martini’s upcoming album. After her death on Monday at the age of 95, Lauderdale decided to release Diller’s raspy cover of Charlie Chaplin‘s version of the standard in tribute to the comedian. He snapped the photo above of the smiling star on the day they recorded it. Diller sounds as if she’s had a few. And speaking of which, yesterday Roseanne Barr tweeted: “Last time I saw Ms. Diller she [had had] a stroke & when her assistant told her she could no longer drink gin, I immediately took her out 4 martinis.” According to Roseanne, Phyllis attributed her longevity to her daily dousing with gin. It’s medicinal, you know.

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