The Palace: Naked Harry Photos Are Real

This is the tabloid world we live in: Buckingham Palace was forced today to acknowledge that the photos of a naked Prince Harry cavorting naked in a Las Vegas hotel suite are real. (The online link to the photos has been taken down, alas, but you couldn’t see all the naughty bits anyway: in other words, you couldn’t tell if “the carpet matched the drapes.”) Excuse moi, but I can’t get too upset about Harry’s antics. First, he’s the spare not the heir, so he’s allowed a little more leeway. Second, he’s in a centuries-old tradition of Royals Behaving Badly. You think all British monarchs and their spawn have been as prim and proper and duty-oriented as the current Queen? Hah! They’ve been just about the most dissolute lot in the history of Western Civilization. And why not? Without their privileged running about, what would we mere peasants have to talk about?

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