Prince Harry Has Nothing On Princess Alice

Prince Harry acted foolishly in Las Vegas but he is far from being the most colorful royal-family member of recent times. Consider Princess Alice (pictured), otherwise known as the mother of the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip. A new documentary gives us all the gory details of Alice. After she and her husband, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, were kicked out of Greece, their four daughters all married Nazis. Then Alice went bonkers. She thought she was having sexual relationships not just with Jesus Christ but with Buddha too. Her husband was unprepared to share his missus with the founders of any major world religions and legged it to the French Riviera for a lazy life of sunshine and mistresses. And Alice – on the instructions of her mother – was locked up in an asylum. Here, on the recommendation of Sigmund Freud, she had her ovaries X-rayed, because they thought that accelerating the menopause would cure her. Alice eventually lived at Buckingham Palace, but not before she had become a nun. She spent her days wandering the corridors, smoking cigs and muttering under her breath. As I said, Prince Harry is positively dull in comparison.

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