Howard Stern A Decent “Talent” Judge

I can’t strap myself into the easy chair long enough to make it through more than five minutes of the sweeping camera angles and screaming audiences of TV talent shows: “American Idol,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “The X Factor.” But I have caught a bit of “America’s Got Talent,” mostly because of how absolutely astute Howard Stern is as one of the program’s judges for the current season. I know, I know: the other judges are inane, including: Howie Mandel, who revived his career by saying “Which briefcase do you choose?” on a game show, and Sharon Osbourne, the point of whose “career” makes no sense to me and whose recent announcement that she was leaving the show was akin to putting an already dead horse out of its misery. But Stern’s advice to contestants on the show is generally helpful, and his take-downs of Mandel are priceless. Comedy writer Ken Levine agrees with me.

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