Shocking News About Gore Vidal Novel

Here’s something I didn’t know, and I’m now glad to know it: “Myra Breckenridge,” the novel that I’ve always most associated with the late Gore Vidal, is out of print. We’re talking about a book that topped the charts in 1968, and that therefore, as my parents took their reading cues from Time magazine‘s best-seller lists, ended up in our family living room. Even though I was still a very young lad, I picked up the volume, read its infamous opening sentence (“I am Myra Breckenridge whom no man will ever possess”), and was hooked. It’s possible that, in the wake of Vidal’s death, that this book will be re-issued, or perhaps the memory of the wretchedly hilarious movie wrenched from it will doom its afterlife forever. If not reissued, the book will remain a collector’s item, a status of which I was unaware when I tossed out my copy recently. If you have a hardback edition, hang on to it!

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