Your Weekend: LemonWade Recommends

Movies: I’m not sold on “Lawless,” but it’s getting a lot of chatter, especially from Anthony Lane, who said that the name of the picture’s star, Shia Lebeouf, sounds like a Muslim steakhouse. No new movies for the kids, who should be doing homework by now, anyway. Television: With the season endings of all the quality Sunday-night dramas (“Breaking Bad,” “True Blood,” “Political Animals”), what’s a girl to do? Check out “Princess Charles’ Tribute To The Queen,” on PBS. Here’s a guide to the Labor Day weekend marathons. Music: Streisand has a new CD of previously unreleased tracks from such as “Brigadoon” and “Hallelujah, Baby!” The thought of old-school Babs has me longing for rock ‘n’ roll of a similar vintage. Books: I’m hoping to get to “NW,” Zadie Smith’s latest novel, this weekend. Also a collection of Stella Adler’s thoughts on great playwrights. Sports: The Yankees have a losing record since the All-Star break, which doesn’t presage a World Series victory, does it? Finally: I have the same trepidation at the start of the fall political campaign as I do at the start of Christmas season: will I make it through the madness? Pray for me.

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