Science Is Now More Beautiful Than Art

Looking at the image, at left, of what the Hubble telescope captured of the Carina Nebula, I think we’d have to say that science is more beautiful than art. As The Guardian puts it: ‘A team of scientists working on a boat off Cape Cod have just landed a huge great white shark, named it Genie, tagged it and returned it to the sea. They hope to track it and learn about the enigmatic lives of these ancient predators. Meanwhile, on Mars, Nasa’s Curiosity rover has begun its mission to determine – metre by metre, rock by rock – whether the red planet was once able to support life. This new mission comes days after Curiosity captured a partial solar eclipse on Mars as its small moon Phobos crossed the face of the sun, appearing to take a tiny bite out of it. And in the art world…

‘It has been announced that Damien Hirst got record attendances for his Tate Modern retrospective, while’ there’s a new Warhol show at the Metropolitan in New York. ‘Somehow, these bits of art news do not seem as thrilling as discovering the secrets of other planets, or the once-unfathomable oceans.’

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